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Welcome to Eugene’s Towing. This is the home of Nashville Tennessee’s best towing company. Our motto is treat people the way you would want to be treated. We don’t know about you but we would not want to be stuck on the side of the road without help. We understand that life happens sometimes and everyone needs a break every now and then.

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So when life throws you a curve ball please call Eugene’s Towing at 615-974-2222.

We will take care of your vehicle just like it was our own. Eugene’s Towing in Nashville Tn has the experience to help you in any automobile break down or emergency road side assistance situation. Our towing technicians are friendly & courteous and wont leave you stuck waiting for help.

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We know life gets you distracted, and sometimes you forget to check your gas gage every now and then. Don’t worry it happens to all of us at...

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wrecker service Nashville TN

Flat Tire Replacement

A flat tire can leave you stranded in a minutes notice. Our operators can remove your flat tire and install your spare tire in order for you...

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If you leave your lights on or your battery just fails you, you may not need to be towed. Our drivers are equipped with heavy duty jumper...

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Welcome to Eugene’s Towing. This is the home of Nashville Tennessee’s best towing company.

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1. Find someone with a vehicle powerful enough to tow your Car.

A sedan or small car probably shouldn’t be used to tow an SUV or large pickup.

2. Buy a suitable tow strap.

In a pinch, a chain can be used to tow a vehicle a short distance, but this can be dangerous, as chains do not stretch, and links can break during towing. A nylon or polyester strap with manufactured end loops is better for safely towing.

3. Find a suitable place to attach your tow strap.

A bumper hitch with a trailer ball will work for the tow vehicle, but hooking to the car to be towed can be tricky, since suspension components are not designed for pulling pressure, and other metal components can cut or pinch your strap. Ideally, a rounded frame member or front bumper support can be used for your attachment, but these vary considerably between vehicles.

4. Check the brakes, steering, and warning lamps to make sure they are functioning sufficiently for your tow.

If the vehicle is equipped with power brakes and steering, their use is limited if your engine will not run while being towed. In this case, renting a dolly is a better option.

5. Make an inspection of your towing connections and discuss signalling plans with your tow driver.

Plan an exact route, and try to choose one that avoids congested traffic areas or high speed roads.